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Social media is broken. Let's fix it.

bring substance to social

Let’s be real. Move beyond the highlight reel so often portrayed on Social. Be part of a culture where what matters is the work you put in behind-the-scenes. The cool things you create and do. The support you give others.

Go deeper than likes and followers

Join communities built upon shared interests, passions, and purpose. Communities that thrive on supporting, motivating, and inspiring one another toward a common goal.

climb out of the instagram hole

Spend time on the things you love, not your phone. Journey exists to help you find your passions and go after them.

be the customer. not the product.

Advertisers aren't our are. Our purpose is to get you to live a more fulfilled life (it’s written into our company charter). No ads. No selling your personal data. No need to keep you in the app for hours a day.

Better Thread Than Dead
Jordo's World
NYC Kiteboarders
Guitar Noobs
Weird Wonderful Fashion
La Surfers
Your Crew
Journey logo - half
Journey logo - half
Is waiting
Weekend Warrios DIY
Umich Life
Roller Skate Flo
Witness The Fitness
Startup Hustlers

Anthony PaYNE

Roller Skating Creator

be a part of something bigger

immerse yourself in vibrant communities that share your passions

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Roller Skate Flo

Community by

Anthony Payne

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Learn from the best

expert guides made by top creators

Better Thread than dead

Featured Community by

Zohara Nguyen

Creator Spotlight

Zohara Nguyen

Embroidery Creator

Better thred than dead

Community by
Zohara Nguyen

Write your story

craft a beautiful journal with every post

Write your story

craft a beautiful journal with every post

the milestones you hit and challenges you overcome

the steps you complete and habits you build

the people you meet and experiences you share




build habits and manage tasks with cutting-edge behavioral science in the palm of your hand.


Thousands of people have busted a move to a new kind of Social. Here are a few of their stories...

Elizabeth Delanie photo

"The Healthy Eaters community has made me a better cook. It's inspiring to see delicious meals and recipes every day.”

Elizabeth Delanie


Healthy Eating
Caroline Hildreth photo

"LOVE Journey. It’s so refreshing to have an app that moves me toward the things I love to do"

Caroline Hildreth


Rosh Jayawardena photo

"My new favorite app. Journey has helped me get fit…and stay fit. I love seeing my progress on my journey timeline."

Rosh Jayawardena


Felipe Cordero photo

"Refreshing to find somewhere I can focus on my goals and share with people on the same path."

Felipe Cordero


Startups 🚀
NYC Founders
colin-contantine photo

"Game changer! I've been trying to learn guitar, eat better, and read more for years and am now well on my way!"

Colin Constantine


Guitar noobs
Eating clean
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