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The first app to help you set, track, and achieve your goals


Goal setting & tracking is hard.


We make it fun & addictive.


Your wildest dreams await.


Goal setting templates crafted by experts in their field

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Ready-made, step-by-step plans crafted by experts in their field.

Behavioural science to keep you motivated and on track

Stay Motivated & On Track

Cutting-edge behavioral science in the palm of your hand to keep you motivated and pushing toward your goals.

Get there faster together

Find People on a Similar Path

Easily find people on a similar journey and get in touch.

Savour the moment

Savor the Moments

Photos, videos, notes, and journal entries saved to Journey's timeline with the click of a button.

Schedule it and set yourself free

Task Management & Calendar Entry Made Easy

Add new tasks to your goal in seconds. Easily schedule time in your calendar to work toward your goals. Receive timely nudges to stay on track.