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From skydiving to knitting, choose from hundreds of communities that support, motivate, and inspire you.

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Start your Journey

Speaking French, playing guitar, surfing, meditation, calligraphy, skydiving...and hundreds more. Whether it’s a Journey you’re already on or something new you’re looking to try, within a few moments you will be on your way.

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Meet your community

As soon as you start your Journey we connect you with a vibrant community of people that share your passion.


Write your story

Craft a beautiful journal with every step you take along your journey.

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Make it happen

Plot a course for your Journey and get gentle nudges to keep you on-track.

What have you always wanted to do?

From surfing to calligraphy, Journey takes away the excuses and pushes you to do the things you want in life.

Find your people

Journey connects you with people who share your passion. Get inspired. Get motivated. Get help. Return the favor.

It doesn't matter what you look like in a bikini

What matters is the hard work you put in. The cool shit you create and do. The support you give others.


Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Ready-made, step-by-step plans crafted by experts in their field.


Stay Motivated & On Track

Cutting-edge behavioral science in the palm of your hand to keep you motivated and pushing toward your goals.


Find People on a Similar Path

Easily find people on a similar journey and get in touch.


Savor the Moments

Photos, videos, notes, and journal entries saved to Journey's timeline with the click of a button.


Task Management & Calendar Entry Made Easy

Add new tasks to your goal in seconds. Easily schedule time in your calendar to work toward your goals. Receive timely nudges to stay on track.

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