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Our vision is to be the company that helps people live a more fulfilled life; to create a place where fun, supportive, motivating, and inspiring communities thrive. Where anyone can discover their passions and purpose. And where everyone has access to the support, resources, and people to propel them forward on their journey. We will help create a world where your 'network' is based on the people you share interests, passions, and values with — not the school you went to or where you grew up.

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Diversity makes us better image

Diversity makes us better

Diversity makes our team, our communities, and our product better. We look for and embrace diversity of thought and experience, not only because it's 'the right thing to do', but because we know it leads to better collaboration and ideas.

Build for equal opportunity image

Build for equal opportunity

Equal opportunity is never an afterthought. We always ask ourselves 'how can we ensure everyone can get access to this, without friction, and without any feeling of guilt or inferiority?'. And we test everything we create to ensure it meets and exceeds the strictest accessibility standards.

We put our users and creators first image

We put our users and creators first

We work to create beautiful experiences for our users each and every time they touch our brand.

Take risks image

Take risks

We look to take smart bets on things we think will work. As a company, we make it a safe place to take risks and applaud those that do. We quickly double down on the risks that pay off, and share the learnings from the ones that don't.

Stand up

Stand up

We don't play politics, but we stand up for what we believe in. We're not afraid to voice our opinion, even if it means upsetting those that disagree with us.

Be real image

Be real

Authenticity matters. When we speak to each other, our users, or the press we are real about who we are, where we're at, and what we stand for. We don't shy away from tough conversations, but we approach them with honesty and empathy.

I got this image

I got this

We never say 'that's not my responsibility'. If something needs to be done that doesn't have a clear owner, we take it on and figure it out.

Make it fun

Make it fun

Times of high pressure and stress are inevitable. But there are always opportunities to make things fun, however small they may be.

Work with flow image

Work with flow

We work with intention and optimize for flow state. We strive to eliminate distractions and find the things that allow us to give 100% of our focus to the task at hand.

Luke O’BRIEN Photo

Hey, I’m Luke, the founder of Journey. I like your curiosity — thanks for diving a little bit deeper to find out what Journey is all about. Many of the best times I’ve had and most beautiful humans I’ve met have been from communities I’ve been a part of. Communities that share a common interest — whether that’s a hobby, sport, skill, or career. It’s tough to replicate the kind of excitement, support, and inspiration you get when you put a bunch of people together that share a passion.

But finding these communities ain't easy. You’ve got to know someone or get lucky. I want Journey to make this process easy, fast, and fun. As soon as you decide to take on something new in seconds you should find yourself a vibrant community full of inspiration, motivation, and support. I can't wait to see the Journeys you embark on. Let’s change Social for the better.



Journey rockstars

our team

Shenghan Gao

UI/UX Designer


healthy eating

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Luke O'Brien

Founder & CEO





I believe that social media can be an incredible force for good in the world if done in the right way. I'm pushing for Journey to be that 'right way'. When I'm not working on Journey you'll find me spending time with my wife and rescue 🐶 .

Lisa Iselin

UX/UI Designer


My current journey is a messy, invigorating pot of soul searching, learning, designing, slightly awkward dancing, working with an absolute killer group of people at Journey, and spending as many moments as possible with friends and family.

Journey Legends

journey alumni

Caroline Hildreth

Caroline Hildreth

Video Editor

I was a video editor at Journey for just under a year. During that year I edited interviews with amazing guides who feature on the app/website as well as short promotional videos highlighting those interviews and the app itself. I loved my time at Journey and the community surrounding it.

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Elizabeth Delaney

Elizabeth Delaney

Social Media Manager

I was the social media intern turned manager at Journey. I helped rebrand the Instagram page - twice! I also worked on influencer outreach to seek out new guides for Journey.

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Aish Malgundkar

Aish Malgundkar

UI/UX Designer

During my time at Journey, I worked on the UX/UI Design of the Journey App and got to be a part of the end-to-end process for the community creation flow. This was truly an amazing experience for me as I got to learn more about this field and grow as a designer. I'm truly grateful for this amazing opportunity! :)

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Alyssa Rose Imperial

Alyssa Rose Imperial

Social Media Manager & Content Creator

As a former Social Media Intern, I was able to learn how to build a community and the best part was meeting people from all walks of life. Journey inspired me to be the best at anything like working on my self-confidence or giving out-of-the-box challenges a chance. That is something I will always cherish.

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